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 ASU Alumni Donate School Supplies - August 2014



Vivian Terry, Principal of Martin Luther King, Jr. High School in Lithonia, GA will receive school supplies from the Chapter. This is the first of many donations planned throughout the school year.




The Dekalb County Chapter of Albany State University continued it's service to the community with it's participation in the 2011 South Dekalb Police Holiday Party.  The party was held on Wednesday, December 14, at the South Precinct on Candler Road in Decatur, Georgia.
The ASU Dekalb volunteers, all wearing blue and gold jackets, rolled up their sleeves with other community volunteers. Whether it was slicing hams,  warming those oh-so-tender greens, preparing the salads, cutting the turkeys, delivering cakes and pies,  or washing dishes, ASU Dekalb did it.
It's the fifth year that the party has been held.  It is organized by the Office of Georgia State Representative Stephanie Stuckey Benfield and various South Dekalb Community groups.  LaVerne Campbell, Kim Geter, Margene Taylor, Ruby Crews, and Maria Boynton were present for the alumni chapter's second year of participation.
Precinct Commander, Major E.L. Jones told those gathered, "There's been an 8 percent decrease in crime in South Dekalb, and there's been an 8 percent increase in arrests. That means we're taking some of the bad guys off the streets."  Jones went on to say, "Thanks for making Dekalb County a safer and better place. We wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season."
Dekalb's District Three Commissioner Larry Johnson said, "It's what this community is all about, coming together to tell our officers 'thank you'. It's our way of giving back."
State Representative Stephanie Stuckey Benfield told ASU Dekalb, "Ya'll are a great representation of Albany State University."
Linda Kirkland, with Representative Benfield's office told ASU Dekalb, "We know that we can always count on your group to come through for us."
ASU Dekalb Chapter President Tamara Nelson says, "I just want to thank those Dekalb Alumni Members who were able to volunteer today at the Dekalb Police Luncheon.  It is always great when we are able to uplift Albany State University and serve our community simultaneously."
By: Maria Boynton
ASU Dekalb Reporter
Public Relations Chair





ASU Alumni Donate School Supplies - September 2011


For Immediate Release



Vivian Terry, Principal of Dekalb Alternative School in Decatur, was in attendance at the Saturday, September 10, 2011, meeting of the Dekalb Chapter of the Albany State University National Alumni Association.

The chapter presented Terry with a cache of school supplies for her students.  In accepting the truckload of supplies, Terry said, "Our students are at risk and we try to provide the nuturing and care that they need."

ASU Dekalb President TaKeshia Thomas, who also works for the Dekalb School System said, "We received such a wonderful response when we helped students in Alabama, we decided to continue our efforts in Dekalb."

In August, the Dekalb alumni helped collect school supplies for elementary school students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Tuscaloosa area was devastated when a tornado struck in April 2011.

The Albany State University Dekalb Alumni Chapter was recently named Chapter of the Year-Silver during the ASU National Alumni Association Annual Planning Conference.

Maria Boynton~ASU '86
Dekalb Chapter Reporter
Public Relations Chair
ASU Alumnus of the Year

ASU Dekalb Helps Young Tornado Victims - August 2011

"Congrats" and thanks to the members of the Dekalb Chapter for reaching out to these tornado victims.  I'm sure your generous donations were well received and greatly appreciated by the school and community.  Once again, you have shown just how wide your reach is and the depth of your generosity.  Your efforts reflect greatly upon the Dekalb Chapter, the National Alumni Association, and Albany State University.  Keep up the good work! 

Greg Hylick
National President
ASU Dekalb helped contribute to the hundreds of tablets, packs of paper, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, wipes and other supplies that were delivered Saturday to University Place Elementary in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
ASU Dekalb President TaKeshia Thomas says, "It's wonderful to see how generous people are! Thanks so much to our chapter and ASU supporters for thinking of the students in Tuscaloosa."

The school was hit by a major tornado that struck Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area on April 27, 2011.

ASU Dekalb member Reggie Hammond and his mother collected and delivered the items.  Mr. Hammond says, "The donations were almost enough to fill an entire room.  Ecstatic parent and community activist Ken King met us to receive the supplies." Hammond adds that, "While the building will not open in time for the new school year, the students will be going to school somewhere."
Reggie thanked his fellow chapter members on Facebook posting, "I want to thank the ALBANY STATE ALUMS DEKALB CHAPTER for coming through in such a big way to donate school supplies for the kids of University Place Elementary after the devastating tornado that hit in April."
ASU Dekalb is also collecting school supplies for students in Dekalb County. Donations will be accepted at the August 13 (Flat Shoals Library) and September 10 (Salem-Panola Library) chapter meetings starting at 10:30am.  For more information, you may contact TaKeshia Thomas at 678-438-9467.
Potential. Realized.
Maria Boynton~ASU '86
Dekalb Chapter Reporter
Public Relations Chair
ASU Alumnus of the Year

2011 Jericho Walk and Prayer Vigil-Morris Brown - April 2011

ASU Dekalb longtime member and supporter Barbara Wimberly was asked why she felt compelled to ask the chapter to participate in the 2011 Jericho Walk and Prayer Vigil for Atlanta's Morris Brown College. She replied, "I feel if one HBCU is struggling, we all are struggling. We need to help each other in time of need. I grew up during the time when we as a people would help others." Barbara goes on to say, "I was the first African American to graduate from the all white Bowdon High School, in Bowdon, Georgia, in 1967 in Carroll County." 

Barbara also organized the chapter's participation in the walk for the struggling institution to show encouragement for Dr. Stanley Pritchett, the President of Morris Brown College. Pritchett is a 1971 graduate of Albany State University. She adds, "I supported my sister Veronica Walker, a graduate of Morris Brown College with a Bachelor of Science in Home Economic Education in 1979. She is a 100 per cent supporter of MBC as I am with ASU."


The Prom Queen Project - March 2011

The Committee has agreed to donate gently used formalwear to Tajuanna Mack, Founder, and ASU Alum of The Prom Queen Project. The organization provides formalwear to high school students who cannot afford to go to the prom. The students have to apply and perform community services to receive the formalwear.  March is the last month to collect Formalwear.  For more info go to:

Campus Visitation - February 2011

When the 47 prospective Albany State University students, Ruby Crews, Bobby Terrell, Darryl Frazier and I arrived to the ASU campus Saturday morning, it was a non-stop learning experience. Our bus load of students represented 19 different Metro Atlanta high schools. We were greeted by the ASU Ambassadors and entertained by participants in the Student Life Showcase segment. We received good information about registration, admissions, academics, housing, financial aid, financial operations, support and healthcare services and security.

Partial report byTamara Nelson, Scholarship and Recruitment Committee Chairperson

Feeding DeKalb's Finest - December 2010

ASU Dekalb members helped give police officers a scrumptious holiday meal today. John Ervin, Elvie Barlow, Bobby Rosemond, LaVerne Campbell, Thomas Green and Maria Boynton exhibited their Ram spirit! Major T.D. Williams, the Dekalb Police South Precinct Commander, said "It's great to have Albany State here, my two daughters graduated from there." Williams also told everyone gathered, "It's great that we've come together, because we're all in this together." Captain Gallo told everyone, "We really appreciate this from citizens that care so much for where they live and for their officers." State Representative Stephanie Stuckey Benefield, who organized the South Dekalb Police Holiday Luncheon, says, "It's our fourth year and it's incredibly rewarding. It's an opportunity for the community to meet the officers, rather than only when they call 911." She told ASU Dekalb, "Ya'll are wonderful for being here."

Maria Boynton
ASU Dekalb Chapter Reporter