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Homecoming 2012 Makes an Indelible Impression!

Published on 10/28/2012

Homecoming 2012 Makes an Indelible Impression!

Convocation: ASU Dekalb President Tamara Nelson and PR Chair Maria Boynton presented ASU Band Director Michael Decuir with another check to Feed the Band. Thanks to everyone contributing! Decuir says "Ya'll are angels".

Alumni Luncheon: ASU Dekalb Parliamentarian Wilbur Yancy represented our Chapter very well as part of the Alumni Homecoming Committee. The event was a sellout! All the way from Portland, Oregon ASU Dekalb Immediate-Past President TaKeshia Thomas took pictures for the chapter and was heard to say, "I miss my Dekalb members. It's great to be back, if only for a visit." TaKeshia is still a Dekalb member!

Alumni Fish Fry: Thomas Greene represented Dekalb well as part of the Homecoming Committee. Several Dekalb members participated in the festivities and took the time to unwind on the dance "ground".

Dekalb Watering Hole: Plenty of old and new friends dropped by including chapter members John E., Munichia, and Bobby R..Thanks to everyone that contributed to supplying us with refreshments: Coach, Darryl, The Wimberlys, Sherry, Michelle, Tamara, Neshanta, and anyone who may have not been named.

Parade: Dekalb Scholarship recipients Shaqeira and Carlen smiled proudly as they rode inside the ASU Dekalb parade vehicle. The ladies were very grateful for the care packages they received. Nelson says "Shaqeira told me that she'd never been part of a parade before Saturday. Both girls had a great time." They were driven by Dekalb member Kevin Ponder with cheerleaders Yancy, Nelson, and Boynton in-tow. Dekalb members seen in the crowd: Sylvia, Janice, Ethel, Bobby T., and Maxine. Thanks so much to the volunteers that painted, spread glitter glue, and stayed up all night decorating the truck: Debra, Marva, Gale, Donald, Ceola, Neva, Wilbur, and Tamara...y'all rock!

Nelson adds, "Many thanks to Maria for her efforts in coordinating all Dekalb Homecoming activities."


ASU Dekalb Shines Brightly at Homecoming 2012!

Spotted on the yard following the Homecoming 2012 football game were Dekalb members Antwan, Andrea, Ray, Theressia, Gale, Kim, and so many others.

Alumni Dance and Social: National Alumni Secretary Boynton and National Member-At-Large Nelson shown brightly for Dekalb Chapter by serving the food and collecting dance tickets. Ruby, Barbara B., PheePhee, and Wilbur were seen getting' down!

We also popped in at the Doo-Phi-Doo party where chapter members Darryl, Donald, Neva, Ceola, Angelo, Barbara W., Mike J., and plenty of others were smiling from ear-to-ear and enjoying all the food and comaderie!

On Sunday, Dekalb members Ruby, Ethel, Debra, TaKeshia, Ruby, Cheryl Lynn, Tamara, and Maria were seen celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Delta Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Ethel sang "Wind Beneath My Wings" and Maria made various presentations during the ceremony.

Check out the Fall 2012 Aspire Magazine! President Nelson is pictured in an article about her father, Ben Hampton, while a Homecoming Memories quote is included in Aspire from Chapter Reporter Boynton. Nelson says "I was elated to find the article I drafted about the Scholarship in the Fall Aspire."

Thanks for Reading,
Maria Boynton '86
ASU Dekalb Reporter/PR Chair
ASU National Alumni Association-Secretary