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These are the committees defined within ASUNAA Dekalb County Area Alumni Chapter. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
The Executive Committee includes all elected chapter officers and committee chairs. This committee handles official chapter policy initiatives and other financial, legal and administrative matters. Chairperson - President.
The Fundraising Committee is the chapter's functional group for fund raising and social activities. This committee is vital to our success, and their planning ideas often require support from the entire chapter body. Chairperson
The Membership Committee is our functional group for reclamations and membership growth. This committee is constantly creating new ideas towards increasing our DCAAA membership. The Membership Committee Chairperson is Sharmekia Brooks
Exists to define and establish criteria and procedures associated with the awarding of scholarships. The Committee will receive and review applications, select recipients and uphold proper procedures and accountability according to National guidelines. In addition the committee will represent the University at High School College Fairs and facilitate at least one Campus Visitation Tour each year. The Chairperson is Monica Franklin-Redden.
This Committee is responsible for co-ordinating all Tailgating events during Football Season.
Constitution and Bylaws
The purpose of the committee is to review and interpret the Constitution and Bylaws - and initiate appropriate actions to be considered for submission to the membership. Chairperson - Douglas Green
The Financial Management / Planning Committee shall provide advice and counsel on financial matters, monitor the chapter’s income and expenditures, perform reconciliations and provide details of the findings, and make recommendations regarding financial investments that could generate revenue for the chapter. The President and Treasurer are members of this committee. Chairperson - Co-Chairperson
The Marketing & Communications Committee assists and advises in the association’s marketing and communications of activities and policies. The committee offers input and advice on the Alumni Association’s overall marketing efforts, electronic communications programs, online social and professional channels, the association’s websites, and the ASU DeKalb electronic newsletter. The committee assists the association in determining how to achieve greater visibility and more effective marketing and communications with alumni, students, and supporters and to foster relationships with other campus entities. It also offers guidance in how the marketing and communications team can help generate revenue for the association, as well as increase alumni and student engagement through university events, chapter events, and general student services and programming. Chairperson - Shayla Davis
Nominating Committee
Bi-Annual Election purposes. Chairperson Tyreece Echols
The Student to Young Alumni Transition Committee focuses on alumni as they transition from being students on campus to alumni in the working world. This includes, but is not limited to, their time on campus while being a student, through senior year/graduation and into their first 10 years as an alum. The committee is focused on providing feedback and perspective on proposed engagement opportunities / communications that are targeted toward this critical time period. Examples of programs that could fall under this committee include: Senior Year programming/graduation, Career Services, Mentoring, Welcome Events, and Young Alumni programming. Chairperson - Vanessa Willis