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Alumni Strategic Plan 2012-2017 Focus Group Session

 | Published on 9/16/2011
  • There were other Focus Groups. The following is from the Alumni Group.
  • A final Strategic Plan is being formulated from all the groups.
  • The ASU Dekalb Alumni Chapter contributed items to the list.


Strategic Plan 2012-2017 Focus Group Session

Alumni Forum

September 16, 2011


  • Public Relations Improvement
  • Involved with the City and County
  • Signage on the yard and throughout the city
  • More advertisement in South GA
  • Better educate Alumni, community, students, supports,  etc…
  • Updated and improved website, easier to navigate
  • Career opportunities within the city for graduates and students
    • Improve the economic impact within southwest GA
    • Creating a process and system between alumni and students to assist graduating students in transitioning between the classroom and their chosen field
      • Develop a network between academic units and alumni
      • Mentorships
      • Coordination between alumni and Enrollment Services Offices in recruitment
      • Improve response time for the application process
      • Enhance process of notifying students of business processes
      • Ombudsman to communicate with the parents of potential students
      • Parent Orientation
      • Finalize registration prior to the beginning of the semester
      • Claim the institution as a great institution and then we will start believing it
      •  Make announcements during homecoming to remind alumni to register during the game so that a database can be created for future communication
      • Mend the relationship between the university and alumni
      • Highlight alumni on webpage so that they feel an ownership of the university
      • Create an exit interview for individuals who decided to stop attending for whatever reasons
      • Focus groups of students and institution
      • During freshmen orientation develop a session on teaching what education is all about
        • Opportunities to network
        • Opportunities to be mentored
        • Preserve our history of the institution
        • Establish a Historical markers
        • Obtaining more grants to help support scholarships
        • Inventory of learning styles
        • See a final version of the strategic plan
        • Why do we not have a graduate school
        • How to get the new admissions policy out

 Your support is truly appreciated. 


Connie M. Leggett
Director of Title III Program
Assistant Professor Of Mathematics
FGLSAMP Coordinator