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A Party with a Purpose: ASU DeKalb's Football Day Party Fundraiser

 | Published on 8/30/2019
The love for ASU was real on Sunday, August 25, as the #ASURamily showed up and out at Ten ATL for our #ASUDeKalb Football Kickoff Day party. It was a success!! Thank you to President Pam McMichael, Chapter Chaplain Keith Hammond, Membership Chair Debra Dixon and our other hardworking chapter officers for their tireless efforts. Thank you to all alumni who supported and donated to the football team.Thank you to Coach "G" who came down to speak on behalf of the football team and provide details on how we can continuously support. You all are greatly appreciated. Because of your support, ASU DeKalb raised a total of $7,000!!!  Check out some pictures from an amazing event. You can find more photos and videos here:

Lequvia Ousley, ASU '08
Chapter Reporter