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August 2019 Business Meeting Highlights

 | Published on 8/29/2019
August 10, 2019 was the first monthly meeting for newly elected Chapter President Pamela McMichael who so graciously introduced herself as well as the Chapter officers and got straight to the meeting agenda. The meeting began with several prayer requests, and invocation from Chaplain Keith Hammond and an introduction of the Chapter Administration to visitors and new members. It was an amazing sight to see so many new members in attendance as well as those we haven't seen in awhile and some in years! We are glad to have back with us Henry Nobles, Sharronda Carter, Past President Neva Jones, and Wilbur Yancy. Shout out to Tamara who was inviting her friend and classmate Darlene Suttles-Davis to come for years and she finally came. Congratulations to Darlene who recently retired from teaching and is excited to join the chapter. As the meeting continued, a lot of information was covered such as upcoming activities, college fairs, homecoming hotel rooms, Atlanta Alumni Alliance Braves night, the Clark Atlanta tailgate, the Mississippi game, Football Day Party fundraiser, and the vision and direction President McMichael sees the Chapter going this fiscal year. Of course we all know that when you leave a ASU DeKalb Chapter meeting, you are bound to be a winner! New member Darlene Suttles-Davis helped pull winning tickets during the 50/50 raffle. As luck would have it, returning member Wilbur Yancy won along with member Britt Ellington with a $25 Starbucks gift card as well as longtime member and supporter, Terry Nelson who won 2 tickets to the Braves HBCU night game that was held on 8/15. I conclude with a nostalgic moment President McMichael gave us at the meeting. She played a familiar tune that we all knew that brought us back into the spirit of ASU just like the former days when we were all students. Let's GOOOO!!!! Mighty RAMS!!!! Will we see you at our next meeting? Don't just watch us, join us!!!

More pictures and updates are here:

Lequvia Ousley, ASU '08
Chapter Reporter