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Alumni Chapter Presidents Hold Open Forum

 | Published on 6/23/2011
Presidents of the various chapters of the Albany State National Alumni Association recently held an open forum. It was staged during the 2011 National Alumni Conference held in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Here are some highlights as reported by ASU Dekalb's Tamara Nelson:

Athens Chapter President Reginald Hunter discussed the recently held chapter presidents' conference call and a letter to be delivered to ASU President Everette Freeman. Hunter also said the school needs to work on its response time from admissions to prospective students.

Columbus President Jean Lynn explained that after recruited students are admitted, "We need to be more attentive to them."

ASU Dekalb Vice President Darryl Frazier told the panel, "We're not here to point fingers. Let's focus on the problem." He also told those gathered, "Let's not be like swamps, taking but not giving back. Let's be reservoirs that give back." Frazier asked for prayer for the ASU President and for the school.

Melvin Jefferson, President of the Sylvester-Worth County Chapter, said, "Students are not applying for scholarships. They're not even considering coming to ASU."

Albany Chapter President Willie Wingfield said, "Be a part of the solution. Work to solve the problem." He also told those gathered, "The ASU Staff needs to grow as-much-as the student body." Chapter member recruitment was the concern of

Thomasville President Eugene Conner. He said, "We can't get but a few people to come to meetings. I don't know what to do."

Warner Robins Chapter President Gladys Bryant thanked the Dekalb chapter for including the "We Want You" fliers in the convention bags. She said, "This shows us how to recruit members."

Washington DC Chapter President Cleveland Haynes asked alumni to - develop a comprehensive strategy for what needs to be done. While,

Atlanta's Pat Patterson said, if not for the loss of ASU alumnus Davey Gibson, his chapter would have had a spectacular year. Patterson also noted that 232 students had to leave ASU, "Not for any other reason but for money."

Potential. Realized.Maria Boynton '86
ASU Dekalb Reporter
Public Relations Chair